Monday, 3 March 2014

Months and Months

Well! it has been months and months since I last posted and I've finally decided to start up again. A quick catch up...

We found this gorgeous little fellow on our deck a little while ago. It let me hold him.

Last week I came back from school 'city' camp in Sydney. I had a lovely time.

While crossing the harbour bridge I saw this cool sign.

That's all from me,

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Samwise G said...

When we had all but given up hope, a light shines at the end of a dark tunnel! I have traversed this tunnel for several months now - eight I believe. It is a relief to once again feel the fresh air and see the sky!

Good Job Hollie! You really haven't lost your blogging touch, even after all this time. I should have never doubted you! Hooray!

Oh, nice photos by the way! :)