Monday, 15 July 2013

Our Holiday

Last week I just came home from a fantastic holiday in Victoria, mainly Ballarat. We went with some cousins and had such a great time.  Going to Sovereign Hill was probably my favourite part.  I dressed up along with some of my cousins and my sister and were mistaken for volunteers which was funny. At least 8 people asked for a photo.  : ) 

        At the school house
 Main street

Gold panning/mining
We also went to Kryal Castle, it was modelled after one in Denmark or something. It was really cool. I think I went through the torture chamber seven times or something. Scary.
The Wizard's lab...
 Weird upside-down houses

Jousting Tournament
Pop Quiz: Can you see the sword in the stone?

We did other things too. Like a vintage tram ride. That was fun.