Friday, 7 June 2013

My Brilliant Career

I recently read the book 'My Brilliant Career' It was a really enjoyable read although it had nothing to do with any body's 'brilliant career'.  The main character, Sybylla (I still don't know how to pronounce that name), has very low self-esteem, is flirtatious and kind of mean to her fiancee. It is really sad about how her family lives and stuff. Sybylla all of a sudden is a brilliant pianist when she visits her grandmother, which is annoying. Also, the ending is pretty horrible.

Okay, okay, I have been focusing on all the bad stuff so now I will tell you the good things!  Originally, the reason I read it was because it is one of the few Australian classics and it sounded good.  It really makes you appreciate the struggle of the early Australians to survive and make a living and stuff. Although she can be pretty stupid, Sybylla is a very likable character.  The story is extremely well written and fascinating, which pretty much makes up whether a
book is good or not!

So, to conclude this post: Please read it!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a fantastic book. I can't wait to watch the movie now.


Bethy said...

I think I remember seeing this film a while back....and not enjoying it. Have you ever read 3 little Australians? That's my favourite Australian classic.
Beth xxx

Samwise G said...

I don't think Australia has many 'classic' books. Poems, yes, but books no-ish.

Hollie said...

Isn't it seven little Australians? I have seen the show but I haven't read it. Is it a good book?

Bethy said...

oppps yes, I meant 7! Yes it is very good.