Monday, 15 July 2013

Our Holiday

Last week I just came home from a fantastic holiday in Victoria, mainly Ballarat. We went with some cousins and had such a great time.  Going to Sovereign Hill was probably my favourite part.  I dressed up along with some of my cousins and my sister and were mistaken for volunteers which was funny. At least 8 people asked for a photo.  : ) 

        At the school house
 Main street

Gold panning/mining
We also went to Kryal Castle, it was modelled after one in Denmark or something. It was really cool. I think I went through the torture chamber seven times or something. Scary.
The Wizard's lab...
 Weird upside-down houses

Jousting Tournament
Pop Quiz: Can you see the sword in the stone?

We did other things too. Like a vintage tram ride. That was fun.

Monday, 24 June 2013

New Camera

Today, as a big surprise, Mum and Dad presented us with a new camera!!! It is a Canon EOS 60D and VERY good. Taking photos today has been a blast with the advanced abilities of this camera. here are a few of the photos I have taken.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Les Miserables

This week I finished reading the book LES MISERABLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is VERY exciting for all those who have never laid eyes on the twelve hundred paged epic.  Although it took me quite a while to read it was SO worth it and was extremely good.  The story is about so many things so I'll just leave you with some pictures...
 Fantine is so lovely...

 Marius is cool. So is Eponine
Jean Valjean and the young Cosette

Friday, 7 June 2013

My Brilliant Career

I recently read the book 'My Brilliant Career' It was a really enjoyable read although it had nothing to do with any body's 'brilliant career'.  The main character, Sybylla (I still don't know how to pronounce that name), has very low self-esteem, is flirtatious and kind of mean to her fiancee. It is really sad about how her family lives and stuff. Sybylla all of a sudden is a brilliant pianist when she visits her grandmother, which is annoying. Also, the ending is pretty horrible.

Okay, okay, I have been focusing on all the bad stuff so now I will tell you the good things!  Originally, the reason I read it was because it is one of the few Australian classics and it sounded good.  It really makes you appreciate the struggle of the early Australians to survive and make a living and stuff. Although she can be pretty stupid, Sybylla is a very likable character.  The story is extremely well written and fascinating, which pretty much makes up whether a
book is good or not!

So, to conclude this post: Please read it!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a fantastic book. I can't wait to watch the movie now.

Monday, 27 May 2013

A Puppy

Well, We have a new member of the family, a little moodle, Bella. She is so adorable, chews everything, and just about eats you fingers! She is my sisters dog who intends to breed her with our other moodle.

Bella and Mowgali

Friday, 17 May 2013

The Three Musketeers

I was a little nervous about reading 'The Three Musketeers' at first. Because, being a classic it could be big and slow, but happily, It wasn't! It was delightfully fast paced and something was always happening. Full of adventure and excitement, you can't be bored lost in such a book. I'd recommend it to anyone.  Some pros and cons of it are:

I like it how d'Artagnan and Athos are amazing and  Porthos is really funny.

A con is Aramis. I mean, he is a religious freak who has a lady 'friend' and only cares about the church rules that suit him. I mean seriously! He is a nice bloke and everything but one which needs to get his priorities sorted!

Another  pro is that it is not a slow classic (Phew) as I have already said and it is so enjoyable to read!

'Spoiler Alert'  Constance DIES!!!!!!!!! That is so sad!!!but it kind of had to happen to add a little bit more drama and climax of the part-but it is SO SAD! : (

They also made a cool movie of it in 2011

It was good, not at all accurate and wasn't even one quarter of the book-but despite this it was still pretty good.  You couldn't hate Milady though. She was too awesome and not so purely evil to hate so I liked her in the movie.  But then, she didn't kill Constance in the movie. 

She's gorgeous and doesn't die in the movie!
 The group before the betrayal...


The only time I have ever seen Orlando Bloom evil... Buckingham isn't bad in the book

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A Legless Lego Legolas

Hello! This is really funny. A friend has posted a few of the brotherhood workshop clips on his blog and I found a funny video on their site

Dress ups and Things...

I am going to a party soon and I recently got the dress for it. It is a dress-up party and you have to dress up as a literary heroine. I am going as a person in a series I read last year "The Bytterbynde" and this is the dress!
 fantastic facial expresion! : )
I still need to find a ribbon for the back and fix the pettycoat


Ok, Wow.. I haven't done a post in a very long time.  I hope to get back into blogging a bit more 'coz lately I have been pretty busy! Anyway...

For Easter, we went camping up in Tamworth for the weekend. Watching the hang gliders take off at the top of a mountain/hill was very interesting. I was supprised that they didn't get all tangled up! Once a big gust of wind blew one guy's parachute into another person's and the other person started yelling at him.  It was pretty funny.  I took some photos and they looked cool so I edited them...