Friday, 24 August 2012

My New Dress

Well, I finally finished my dress that i have been working on since the start of the year. (don't laugh!) Yes, I'm very slack, on this project anyway. Here are some pics:

                                         My Favourite part is the collar. I love the fabric too.


Friday, 10 August 2012


A few weeks ago I started school! It is quite fun and I like it very much. Everybody is very nice too. (Mostly)  The Sunday night before my first day of school I dressed my chair in my uniform and it looked very nice in it and it was loathe to give it up in the morning. Since this is way too short to be a post I will do a daybook. I hope you all like daybooks because if you don't I can't really think of anything else so you just turn off your computer .

Starting time: 5:15

Weather: overcast

I'm wearing: My school uniform. (Still. It is really rather comfortable)

I'm thinking: I wonder what we are having for dinner.

I'm looking forward to: Getting my English assignment done.

I hope: I get an Excellent

I'm celebrating: Getting 100% in my spelling test today. (Again!)

Where I'm looking: Outside my window, wondering if it will rain.

I am reading: Nothing. I don't have anything interesting to read at the moment.(Sigh)

I should be doing: My science homework! : )
Finishing time: 5:25